Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thanks to Everyone for Coming Out

With only 18 hrs of notification and a last minute location change the Collegiate Kiteboarding Association threw their second event of the year with great success. 24 Collegiate Kiteboarders stormed Huegenot Beach, just North of Jax Beach to host a day filled with alternative boarder-x formats. 20 of the 24 riders in attendance had never participated in boarder-x style events let alone, competed at all in intense conditions. We had a solid 20 - 24 Knts out of the NE and a heavy changing current.

With such short notice of the event and last minute attendance we decided to keep things simple for the crew, we would host a downwind boarder-x format with two different starting sequences. We had six heats of four riders and ran a single elimination race, with the top 2 riders of every heat advancing. The final heat consisted of riders from UNF, FSU, Eckerd, and USF and they finished sequentially in that order, Eric Escudero (UNF) again being the winner of another set of stylish sunglasses courtesy of Arnette.

The female division still consisting of riders from only FSU and Eckerd finished in a draw with both top competitors eliminating each other in the quarterfinal rounds. Both Charlotte and Lexi killed it, that start was very rough and most riders could barely hit the first mark, but the ladies ripped upwind and knocked out some of the more experienced male riders. Both were awarded prizes from Arnette.

Although the event did not run as scheduled or planned it was a huge success nonetheless, 20 riders had never experienced a competitive boarder-x program and all starts were running smoothly by the end of the day and riders were on the same page. This is still a grass roots tour, consisting mostly of riders that have never thought of the idea of competing due to the intimidation involved with professional and amateur events. We want to create a fun and progressive atmosphere, where riders can push each other to learn and excel, there is a great amount of potential and skill in the college scene and this is where you will start to see it come out. By the time the regional championships come around be prepared to be wowed by the high caliber of riding.

Our next event window will open January 4th and will be held on Pass-A-Grille Beach, in St. Petersburg, Florida. The event will be hosted by University of South Florida in conjunction with Triton Kiteboarding. We hope to host a downwind race followed by a free style expression session and or a boarder-x. For registration for this event email Tritonkiteboarding@yahoo.com

Big thanks to Mark and Justice from UNF for putting up all the college riders and coordinating stuff locally. Stay tuned for new updates and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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