Friday, November 30, 2007

Tour Stop #2 has been Confirmed

Tomorow, Saturday, November 31st we will be hosting the second stop of the Collegiate Kiteboarding Tour. The event was supposed to take place at St. George's Island, outside Tallahasse. INSTEAD USF will be hosting their event in conjunction with UNF and Triton Kiteboarding at Huguenot Beach outside of Jacksonville. The forecast is calling for 15-20 knts out of the North East. Call Matt Sexton for confirmation and any info. (203) 918 6637 we have arranged lodging and an after party tomorow thanks to the guys from the UNF club.

There will be a boarder-x, Freestyle, and a third specialty discipline to be announced at the riders meeting
Riders meeting will go down at 10:00 but riders are asked to be at the beach around 9:00-9:30. This event should be awesome and in the true spirit of college kiting were doin it straight guerilla style. These plans have been confirmed in just the past hour, lets make it happen!
-Matt Sexton

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