Monday, April 7, 2008

Key West Wrap #1

the kitehouse

First off thanks to Paul Menta and Nick O'Bea of the Kitehouse for organizing all local hook ups the event would not have been possible to host without their resources.

Also thanks to Neil Hutchinson and all participants who made the event happen day by day.

It was looking like we were going to have no wind throughout the weekend but we were blessed to have a solid breeze on friday for a boarder-x.

Tripp Hobbs of Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida took advantage of the light winds by using a 14m kite and a strapless surfboard, as other riders tacked consecutively attempting to get up wind Tripp as well as the other strapless riders were able to reach the windward mark with little effort.

bx start semi finals-wrp

Boarder - X start

matt placebo grab paddleboard jump_wrp

trip, placebo-wrp
Tripp Hobbs Jumps to victory

Brian Walters and Paul Sheetz of FSU both followed up Tripp in 1st, and 2nd.
Thanks to Neil Hutchinson for coming out and putting on a flawless boarder-x as always.

Saturday riders woke up slightly groggy from the standard key west antics but collaborated together with Keys locals Sean Reagnoult, Nat and Ben Sampson. Kickers and Sliders were brought out and two wakeboard winches were thrown in the mix to provide entertainment for all.

Brandon Breuil kills it on the Slider

Standard no wind kite events tend to be an absolute debacle, but with serious brainstorming by Triton Kiteboarding we were able network a serious array of watermen entertainment. The Otherside Boardsports of Islamorada and East Coast Paddle Surfing brought 3 Interconectable Party Islands and 8 top of the line Stand Up Paddle Boards.
the otherside

With helmet-clad riders from 11 different university hitting sliders and up to 50 people in the water at any given time it was easily an entertaining and fun day for all. To top it off the Triton boys brought in Lance-O of Kulcha Shok Musik to spin the hottest Reggae and Hip-hop beets on the beach while the riders through down. That night Bermuda's Top Reggae Act McCannon Cassidy, Backed by The Homegrown Band threw down at Willie T-s on Duval Street, while kite movies and event participants raged until the early hours.

homegrown logo

Riders recouped late sunday for another grinch winch session while saving up for the real forecast that had been stalled until monday, St. Patties Day. For the next two days (Monday, Tuesday) Riders from a number of different schools stayed around key west to tear it up and try out eachothers gear in the heaviest wind the tour has seen all year. it was a steady E breeze (Side Shore for Smathers) and it was cranking at about 35 knts the whole two days. A perfect way to cap off a gnarly weekend.

Riders from Eckerd, UF, and UNF were awarded brand new complete kites from Best, Eclipse, and Slingshot for their superior involvement in the CKA tour this year as well as their elevated rates of progression throughout the season. Riders monday and tuesday were seen pushing all levels of progression that had been seen yet by throwing down everything from Mega-Loops to high altitude handle passes, none of which has yet been seen at a CKA sanctioned event. So cool to watch the stoke spread and riders start pushing eachother.

'Nuff Respect to everyone that came out to enjoy the event, those that were there deffinitly see the way the Triton, Kitehouse, and X-Rated Crews Throw Down and we look forward to making next years tour even bigger and better.

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