Monday, February 18, 2008

Tour Update

Stop #4 has been cancelled. With no appropriate forecasts for the 4th stop to our tour we will be postponing our Delray, Lynn University Stop untill next year. The Tampa Bay Kitemasters Race is currently in a holding pattern waiting for a solid NE breeze and will feature a number of CKA riders.

We will be hosting our SE Regional Finals in a couple of weeks in Key West. The event will go on over the weekend of March 14th, 15th, and 16th. We will have a variation of all the disciplines we have held over the past 6 months and will qualify the top riders for the national Championships in Corpus Christie, Texas this May. Registration will be closed for this event as of 12:00 midnight on Monday, March 3rd. To register email with the following information:
Current Grade Standing:
Drivers License #:
Insurance Carrier:
(proof of school/club liability coverage)
(or Copy of front and back of Health Insurance Card)
Any other inqueries for this event can be sent to or contact Matt Sexton through
Stay Tuned for more info on this event in the next few weeks

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